10 Health Benefits of CBD that everyone should know

The world has been unaware of the benefits of CBD for the longest time. Cannabidiol or CBD, found in cannabis sativa plants, is a type of Phyto cannabinoid. It works by interacting with the receptors present in the Central Nervous System and is reported to have healing, calming, and pain relief properties. 

While medical evidence of the benefits of CBD is still subject to research, users who have used CBD for various health purposes have found it to be useful. 

Here are 10 health benefits of CBD that you must know. 

1. Pain Relief 

CBD is known to offer relief from acute pain and inflammation, especially those caused by some neuropathic diseases. For those suffering from arthritis and similar conditions, and looking for a natural solution to cure the pain, CBD is a good option. Researchers are trying to find conclusive evidence of CBD's role in controlling pain in humans. 

2. Relief from Anxiety and Depression

CBD is believed to offer mental health benefits too. For people suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression, CBD offers relief and calms down the senses. A test was conducted to understand if CBD can ease the anxiety people feel before or during public speaking. The ones who took CBD reported feeling less anxious. Again, more research is needed to figure out the exact mechanism of CBD and its impact on treating mental health issues. 

3. Sleep support

It is widely believed that CBD can help you sleep better. As it calms down anxiety and brings a calm sensation to the mind, it is particularly helpful for those suffering from insomnia. CBD targets the root of disturbed sleep and insomnia and helps you sleep better at night. 

4. Getting Rid of Addiction 

People feel tempted to take addictive substances when triggered by a specific cue. CBD manages to reduce cravings when the cue is presented. It prevents the activation of the amygdala, a region in the brain that is responsible for the fight or flight response of the body, and also plays a role in addiction. A study suggests that taking CBD lowers cue-induced cravings in people with Heroin Use Disorder. 

5. Antioxidant Benefits 

CBD carries antioxidant properties. Often used in skincare and skin repair products, CBD can reduce the damage caused by free radicals, and delay the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and age spots. In general, CBD works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient on your skin, prevents premature aging, and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. 

6. Anti-inflammatory  

Thanks to the antioxidant benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it can be helpful to treat and manage various neurological diseases. Some researchers suggest that CBD can treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. 

7. Diabetes management

Studies on rodents suggest that CBD can help manage diabetes. CBD also plays a role in regulating glucose metabolism and inflammation. However, there is no conclusive study on humans yet. But as scientists and researchers delve deeper into the benefits of CBD, they will be able to find out whether it works on regular diabetes in humans or not. 

8. Epilepsy management 

CBD has been reported to soothe the symptoms of epilepsy. Epidiolex, an FDA-approved medicine for epilepsy, contains CBD. It treats seizures effectively and offers relief to patients suffering from Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome, two rare types of epilepsy. As more research unfolds, we will discover more benefits of CBD for epilepsy patients. 

9. Maintaining Bone Health 

With age, your bones become fragile. Surprisingly, it is believed that CBD can restore strength and vitality to weakened bones. Studies on animals have indicated similar benefits, but we need more in-depth research to establish the fact. 

10. Aids in Better Digestion 

CBD is a natural solution to keep your digestive system healthy. Even though there is limited evidence to support this claim, it is widely believed that CBD carries the goodness of probiotics when taken in smaller doses. A study on animals hints that CBD can cure inflammatory bowel disease and the intestinal inflammation caused by it. 

How Can You Use CBD? 

For easy consumption, CBD is available in various forms, like CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and CBD oil drops. Whether you want to unwind and relax, sleep well, or need to alleviate pain, these CBD products come in handy. They are available in travel-friendly packages, so you can enjoy their benefits on the go. 

Is CBD Safe? 

Now that you know about the various health benefits of CBD, it's time to dive into some serious questions. 

Is CBD safe? This is a common question people have before starting their journey with CBD. No matter which form of CBD you're taking, it's important to know the key details.

The answer is, yes, CBD is safe. It can have mild side effects in certain cases, but in general, it doesn't have any long-term hazards to worry about. 

Another common misconception about CBD is that it makes you high. Let's clear the air around this subject – no, CBD doesn't cause a 'high'. THC is a substance that can induce a 'high' sensation. And if your CBD is THC-free, you don't have to worry about feeling high or slightly disoriented. 

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