Can CBD help with pain relief?

We’ve all experienced pain at some point in our lives, whether it’s temporary or chronic. 

The truth is, pain can be unsettling. It can affect simple day-to-day activities, trigger emotional stress, and even undermine the quality of our lives. 

Sadly, one in every five adults experiences chronic pain on a daily basis. 

While most people opt for painkillers to relieve their pain, these pharmaceutical pain medications often come with side effects, some of which can be serious. Prescription painkillers can also be surprisingly addictive. 

It’s no surprise many people are searching for natural remedies that can help to soothe pain. 

The good news is – CBD has emerged as one of the best natural ways to relieve pain. What’s more, it doesn’t have any side effects. 

Despite its newfound popularity, CBD dates back to ancient China, where it treated various conditions, including sleep disorders, anxiety, and pain. 

CBD gained recognition in 2019, and the demand for CBD as a pain relief isn’t slowing down either. 

The incredible anti-inflammatory and calming properties of nature’s wonder drug have made CBD a hot topic for people looking to ease pain. 

In fact, according to a recent study, 62% of patients who used CBD (cannabidiol) for a medical condition were treating chronic pain, joint pain, or arthritis. 

Due to its impressive success as a pain reliever, many pharmaceutical companies are investing into CBD research and its effects on our health. So far, the results are promising. 

If you’re worried about getting high, then rest easy. CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of THC (the other well-known cannabinoid in cannabis).

CBD can help ease your pain and relax your mind without the high effect associated with marijuana use. 

How does CBD Relieve Pain?

The human body has endocannabinoids that help us regulate the body’s system and ensure we’re always in a stable state. 

For instance, if your body is too hot, your endocannabinoid system sends signals to your body, instructing it to cool off, and your body naturally starts sweating. 

You also have numerous cannabinoid receptors in your peripheral and central nervous systems that affect pain signals. 

CBD affects these ECS receptors in your body, particularly the immune system.

When these receptors receive chemical signals, they allow your cells to respond to stimuli creating an anti-inflammatory impact that reduces pain.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain?

Using CBD for pain is incredibly easy, even if you’re a beginner. The trick is to always keep it easy. 

We recommend you start by taking a few milligrams of CBD sublingually once or twice a day. 

If you still feel pain after a week of use, increase the dose by a little amount, and spread it out over several weeks. 

Once you notice a positive result, stick with the same dose around the same time of day to keep the CBD level in your blood stable.

If you’re new to CBD use, it may take trial and error to discover the correct dose that’ll ease your pain. 

How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil for Pain to Work?

CBD isn’t one-size-fits-all. Using CBD oil for pain varies from person to person. The speed rate at which your CBD treatment will work will depend on the dose you’re taking, what form of CBD you use, and even where you get your CBD from. 

For example, the body absorbs CBD oil through its digestive tract when it is ingested, and this can take up to 2 hours to work. 

For a faster result, Shake the mixture well and pour a few drops of oil on your tongue.

Top tip: For optimum effect, make sure you wait for a minute before you swallow to allow the oil to absorb completely. 

This is the most fast-acting method, and it can relieve pain within 15 to 45 minutes after use. 

Best CBD oil choice for pain

If you decide to treat your pain naturally with CBD, it’s essential to choose a CBD product that best meets your needs. Luckily, there are various CBD products on the market that you could choose from.

CBD oil is one of the most efficient forms of CBD used to treat pain. The reason is – CBD oil is super easy to use and can provide fast long-lasting results. Since CBD oil is taken as a tincture under the tongue, it quickly makes its way into your bloodstream and works to ease pain. 

What’s more? Some CBD oils come in tasty flavours that will appease your tastebuds.

Light Garden Premium CBD Oil Drops is one of the best options on the market today.

If you’re not a fan of putting CBD oil under your tongue, you can also try CBD edibles. The edibles look like gummy bears, have mouth-watering tastes and the same healing power as CBD oils.

Is there any research to back up CBD as a pain reliever?

Today, numerous scientific research supports CBD’s healing and pain-relieving properties. 

A 2016 study found that a daily dose of 6.2 mg of CBD gel helped decrease joint pain and inflammation in rats with arthritis. 

Meanwhile, ongoing studies in the U.S. indicate CBD effectively treats chronic, non-cancer pain. In one 2020 study, scientists administered CBD sublingually to a group of patients with chronic pain. The results showed a remarkable reduction in pain, and no participants reported any adverse side effects.

More and more people are finding themselves adopting CBD as their natural pain relief. 

CBD is an excellent alternative treatment for people who want a natural relief for their aches and pains. You deserve to enjoy life without pain. If you’ve been looking for a sign to start CBD, the time is now. 


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